Blood Orange: A Wonder Ingredient for the Skin
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Blood Orange - A wonder ingredient for the skin

blood orange skin care products

Although Blood Oranges sound nefarious due to their name, in reality, they are angelic because of their magical properties. Blood oranges are just variations of regular oranges, but this variation generates the production of anthocyanins, which gives them their bright red colour.  

They were first cultivated in the volcanic atmosphere of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, but they are now spread across the globe.

They are a magical elixir for all your skincare needs. They help reduce inflammation, hydrate your skin from within, and improve overall skin health. Blood oranges contain high levels of Vitamin C -a crucial factor for healthy cells. They also help produce collagen and play a vital role in strengthening your skin, keeping it hydrated, and maintaining skin elasticity.

Rise and shine with Blood Oranges which are potent exfoliators that dissolve dead skin cells and lock your skin’s natural moisture keeping it soft and bright. With crimson beauty inside flecked with pink and red hues, and a warm tangy or zesty fragrance, blood oranges are swarming with personal care benefits providing clean beauty to all.

Our Blood Orange series is as vibrant, energetic and dreamy as the city of Bombay itself. In a city known for its pace, we have worked towards capturing its soul in a bottle for you to enjoy your own private spa.

Now make every shower and self-care time sacred with the chemical-free and cruelty-free blood orange skin care product suitable for all skin types. Say goodbye to dull skin and welcome fresh, glowing skin!!

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