Elevate Your Shower Time to a Sacred Experience
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Here’s how you can make shower time a sacred experience

Elevate your shower time to a sacred experience

No matter what your day looks like, at the end of each day, we all need a little time to unwind from its stresses. Rinse off the worries and wash away the weariness with a soothing affair of sensorial experiences in the form of a calming shower. Shower time is that special time when you get to relax, reflect, and de-stress. Taking a warm shower can help unburden the body and mind while giving your skin the nourishment it needs. But since we don’t have the privilege to have a long relaxing shower every day, why not make every shower a soothing one?

Everyone associates a different mood with their me-time, some like to make it a calming experience, while others like to explore their fun side. Better Body Bombay is the exact essential you need to accompany this sacred time. Better Body Bombay’s range of exquisite body washes is tailor-made to cater to your every mood.

Rise and shine with the Energising Daily Body Wash and the goodness of blood orange. The fruity, tropical aroma blooms while it glides with a stunning orange glow. Better Body Bombay’s Blood Orange Body Wash brightens, renews, and repairs from within leaving you rejuvenated.

Enjoy the feeling of sunny skies in your own home with the Nourishing Daily Body Wash infused with a wholesome blend of Milk and Forest Honey. Better Body Bombay’s Milk and Forest Honey Body Wash nourishes and cleanses the body providing a calming and invigorating experience that truly refreshes you.

Soothe your skin with the calming presence of the sea with a mellow meld of Lavender and Chamomile. Better Body Bombay’s Calming Daily Body Wash helps you relax, calm down and balance your mood with the pleasant aroma and gentle lather that slowly washes away the tensions of the day.

Finally, enjoy the beauty of the Bombay rains in any season, and get nourished by the rain with a Hydrating Daily Body Wash. Better Body Bombay’s Aloe and Coconut Body Wash will hydrate, moisturise and soothe you with a touch of tropical caress.

These body wash ingredients evoke a different mood making them the best body wash to begin or unwind any day. These body washes are great for dry and sensitive skin along with being suitable for men, women, and all.

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