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Sense of Calmness with Lavender and Chamomile

Sense of Calmness with Lavender and Chamomile

Lavender is always associated with bringing peace and calm to your mind, and rightly so. Known for its sweet floral scent, Lavender is often used by many to freshen up their skin. Similarly, Chamomile is another ingredient that is extracted from flowers and contains healing properties to help your skin. 

We believe in ensuring that your skin receives the right care and attention. Choosing lavender chamomile skincare products for all skin types helps calm and relax you when used as a part of your skincare routine. Lavender chamomile lotion and body wash give your skin a natural glow. Lavender & chamomile face wash helps energise and hydrate your skin and also gives the benefit of reducing dark spots. Stay clean and healthy by using lavender face wash for your oily skin. For the best body lotion, we suggest the lavender & chamomile body lotion that soothes and refreshes your skin. 

We truly believe your shower time needs to go beyond just the body. The presence of Avocado Butter in your skin care products not only helps your skin fight acne but also helps cure sunburn. All ingredients used in our products are sustainably sourced and are plant-based. Other ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Pomegranate Oil, and Cinnamon Bark help bring out your natural beauty and glow. Better Body Bombay’s skincare range is made for all skin types and captures the calm of a beach breeze in every drop, inspired by the city of Bombay. 

Choose the best Lavender body lotion for your skincare that is cruelty-free and free from harmful toxins. Our products are not just clean for you but also clean for the planet. The use of natural ingredients in our products helps combat all your skin problems and keeps it relaxed and hydrated.

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