Embrace the Spirit of Bombay with Skin and Hair Essentials
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Bring the spirit of Bombay to your bathroom

Bring the spirit of bombay to your bathroom

From a city known for its pace, we strived to find its soul and capture it in a bottle for you to enjoy your own private spa. Better Body Bombay was born in the good bay and made of its many moods and fragrances with all things pure that take care of you, and your environment, consciously. These moods and fragrances were combined to create the perfect soothing bath essentials and bathing products for all genders. These essentials involve a myriad of body, skin and hair care products that are free from all harmful and toxic chemicals. 

Rise and shine with our blood orange skin care products range that brightens, renews, and repairs your skin with the goodness of Vitamin C extract, Brazil nut oil, Cinnamon bark extract, Red Clay, Moisturizing Algae Extract, Orange Oil, Avocado Butter, and Cocoa Butter. From handwashes to face washes, and from face serums to lip balms, the Blood Orange range has you covered from head to toe. 

Experience calm by the sea with our lavender & chamomile skin care products range that calms, relaxes, and balances your skin. This blend is made with a rich combination of Pomegranate oil, Cinnamon Bark, Moisturizing Algeal Extract, Avocado butter, and Cocoa butter. Get anti-ageing benefits,  reduce and heal sunburns, acne, and dark spots and glow naturally with this soothing range for all your personal care needs. 

With Better Body Bombay, love is in the hair with our onion hair products range that strengthens, nourishes, and repairs your hair from the scalp to the tip. Made with 5 miracle oils, wheat & rice amino acids, shea butter, walnut leaf, and more, this blend is formulated to condition and repair, prevent hair fall and breakage, and add shine to your hair. 

Indulge in clean beauty imagined in Bombay that’s composed to be a pure form of extravagance with exotic blends and unparalleled moods. 

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