Experience the Magic of Coconut Elixir in Skincare & Haircare
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Coconut: Elixir in Skincare & Haircare

coconut elixir in skincare and haircare

Coconuts are pieces of paradise when it comes to skincare or haircare. Coconut oil is also known as an elixir in Ayurveda. Coconuts can do wonders for your skin care routine for dry skin because of their characteristics. It’s best suited for dry skin because of its super moisturising agents that improve hydration in the skin and help maintain the pH levels of the skin. May it be sunburn, itching and inflammation, or to lighten dark under-eye circles, prevent blemishes or scars, coconut is proven to be adept. 

When it comes to hair care, the things coconut oil can do are unparalleled. Coconut oil is your moisturiser in smooth armour. If you have dry hair, opt for and feel the hydration and nourishment seep in. Coconut oil hydrates and makes your hair softer and smoother, that gives your hair a silky texture. It gets into your roots and lengths, strengthening them to stimulate healthy growth. 

When dealing with damaged hair, you might often think it is the end of your glossy hair, but be rest assured, it is not. With aloe coconut shampoo your hair can be glossy and voluminous, just the way it deserves. Coconut oil visibly repairs damaged hair and prevents split ends

Enjoy a perfect day in the good bay with clear skies, fresh breeze and the gush of the ocean that carries a sweet scent of belonging and the richness of coconut from the ever-majestic coastal region of Bombay.

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