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The Story behind BBB

The Story behind BBB

A perfect day in the bay comes with clear skies, fresh breeze and the gush of the ocean that carries a sweet scent of belonging. Mornings in the bay dances to the tune of rushed routines while evenings bring opportunities for everyone to unwind. The city of Bombay is always brimming with emotions.

A city that’s known for its pace, we wanted to pause and take it all in. We found its soul and captured it in a bottle for you to enjoy your own private spa. This birthed the idea of Bombay in a bottle, a personal care products brand that embodies the spirit of Bombay in all its glory—introducing - Better Body Bombay, the best body care products brand for women and men.

Every Better Body Bombay product is associated with a mood inspired by exotic ingredients and the different aspects of the city. We believe personal care products ranging from body, skin and hair care products should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the day allowing us to kick back and relax. What better time to enjoy your thoughts and be one with yourself than a good long shower after the end of a busy day? Better Body Bombay is just the right soother for your sacred shower time.

Your Bombay in a bottle is not just an embodiment of the city but is also made with sustainably sourced exotic, tropical and clean ingredients suitable for all ages, genders, skin types, and people above the age of thirteen. Choose from the different moods of Better Body Bombay and let your worries waltz away.

Follow us on Instagram @ourbbb to learn more about the ingredients and product range. A personal care journey awaits your attention.

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