Clean Beauty's Contribution to the Environment
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Here’s how clean beauty contributes to the environment

clean beauty and environmental impact

Clean. Natural. Organic. The beauty industry is filled with buzzwords like these. When we say we’re a clean beauty brand, what do we really mean? In simple words, clean beauty products are made with natural and non-toxic ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. This term has been gaining traction in the beauty industry in recent years, and for a good reason.

This means that when you use clean beauty products, you are not exposing yourself or your environment to any harmful chemicals or toxins. By choosing clean beauty, your contribution to the environment will make a positive impact by reducing your carbon footprint, and promoting a healthier lifestyle for yourself and for future generations.

The negative impact of personal care products and the beauty industry on the environment has been constantly growing over the years and a shift to a clean beauty/skincare brand is a need of the hour.

Better Body Bombay is a clean beauty brand, which means we only formulate clean beauty products that are not only free from harmful products and toxic chemicals but also made from ingredients that are sustainably sourced. We are constantly striving to keep you and the planet out of harm’s way by preventing any potential carbon footprint at the pre-production stages too. Among other benefits, all our products are also cruelty-free as well.

People often confuse clean beauty with natural or organic beauty. Natural and organic products don’t contain any actives, unlike clean beauty which contains a few chemically made actives. These actives are clean and do not include any harmful substances. These actives are actually accelerating your journey to get the flawless skin you deserve. Natural and organic products are also great, but a few clean actives go a long way.

If you haven’t made a switch to clean beauty, then this is your cue to make that transition. Given, it won’t be easy giving up your favourite skin and personal care essentials, but within a few months, you can make it happen.

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