Aloe vera - Skin Benefits, Uses and Best Products to Try
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Aloe vera - Skin Benefits, Uses and BBB's Best Products to Try

Aloe vera - Skin Benefits, Uses and BBB's Best Products to Try

Aloe Vera is the natural elixir for your skin. Renowned for its soothing and rejuvenating properties, Aloe Vera has been a cherished skincare secret for centuries. Derived from the succulent Aloe plant, this gel-like substance is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work harmoniously to nourish, hydrate, and heal the skin. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

  1. Soothing Hydration: Aloe Vera's gel is a hydration powerhouse, infusing the skin with moisture, and restoring its protective barrier. This ensures a supple, well-nourished complexion that feels revitalised.
  2. Calming Irritation: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is a lifesaver for those with sensitive skin. It gently calms redness, irritation, and discomfort, leaving your skin feeling tranquil and refreshed.
  3. Acne Aid: Aloe's natural antibacterial components are excellent for combating acne. By targeting acne-causing bacteria, it helps reduce breakouts and inflammation, promoting a clearer complexion over time.
  4. Sunburn Relief: Aloe Vera's cooling sensation provides instant relief from the discomfort of sunburn. It not only soothes the burn but also supports the skin's natural repair processes, helping it recover more quickly and minimising long-term damage.
  5. Anti-ageing: It is rich in antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, which can help improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent premature ageing.
  6. Natural exfoliation: Aloe vera contains enzymes that gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and brighter.
  7. Healing: Aloe vera contains compounds that promote the healing of wounds, cuts, and minor burns. It can aid in the regeneration of skin cells, which can reduce scarring.

Aloe Vera Uses & Why it is Highly Effective For Different Skin Types:

Aloe Vera stands as a versatile solution for various skin conditions, offering its soothing touch and healing prowess:

  1. Dry Skin: Aloe's hydrating gel quenches parched skin, restoring moisture and suppleness.
  2. Sensitive Skin: Its gentle nature calms irritation, reducing redness and discomfort.
  3. Sunburn: Aloe's cooling effect eases sunburn pain and accelerates skin recovery.
  4. Eczema: Aloe's anti-inflammatory traits provide relief for eczema-related itching and inflammation.

    Daily Skin Care Routine Using Aloe Vera


    • Body Wash/Face Wash: Opt for cleansers infused with Aloe Vera to cleanse while retaining skin's moisture. Aloe's natural cleansing properties gently remove impurities.


    • Face Moisturiser: Apply an Aloe Vera-infused face moisturiser to hydrate and soothe. Its lightweight texture is perfect for daily use, leaving skin soft and supple.
    • Body Lotion: Choose aloe-infused body lotion to moisturise and maintain the skin's natural balance, combating dryness and irritation.
    • Lip Balm: Aloe-infused lip balm provides nourishment and a protective barrier, keeping lips soft and smooth.


        • Face Scrub: Mix Aloe Vera gel with a mild exfoliating agent for a gentle face scrub, or use aloe infused face scrub. Aloe's enzymes remove dead skin cells, revealing a fresh complexion without over-drying.

          Benefits of Aloe Vera on Face Overnight:

          Applying Aloe Vera gel overnight can intensify its benefits. If you don’t have access to raw aloe vera gel every time, we suggest using an aloe moisturiser before sleep. It deeply moisturises, promotes cell regeneration, and soothes irritation, leading to a refreshed and revitalised complexion in the morning. You can also opt to cleanse your face with an aloe coconut face wash followed by a aloe coconut moisturiser.

          BBB’s Range of Nourishing Aloe & Coconut Products

          1. Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion: Experience the harmonious fusion of Aloe and Coconut in the Better Body Bombay Body Lotion. Enriched with calming Aloe and nourishing Coconut oil, this lotion ensures enduring hydration, leaving your skin velvety and supple throughout the day. 

          Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion

          2. Aloe & Coconut Cleansing Hand Wash: Indulge your hands in the richness of Aloe and Coconut with the Better Body Bombay Hand Wash. This potent formula goes the extra mile, thoroughly cleansing skin by eradicating dirt and germs, all while providing profound hydration and a gentle touch.

          Aloe & Coconut Cleansing Hand Wash

          3. Aloe & Coconut Strengthening Shampoo: Revitalise your scalp using the Better Body Bombay Strengthening Shampoo, featuring the natural blend of Aloe and Coconut. Embrace the nurturing essence of aloe as it delicately conditions and purifies hair, eliminating impurities. 

          Aloe & Coconut Strengthening Shampoo4. Aloe & Coconut Gentle Hydrating Facial Scrub: Indulge in opulence with the exquisite fusion of Aloe and Coconut in the Better Body Bombay Face Scrub. Crafted with coconut rich in minerals and cranberry powder, this scrub ensures velvety skin without compromising its inherent oils or sebum. 
          Aloe & Coconut Gentle Hydrating Facial Scrub5. Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Daily Moisturiser: Elevate your skin with the Better Body Bombay Hydrating Daily Moisturiser, a fusion of Aloe and Coconut magic. Gentle and non-clogging, this moisturiser replenishes lost moisture seamlessly.
          Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Daily Moisturiser6. Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Daily Body Wash: Give your skin a dose of Aloe and Coconut affection! Discover the Better Body Bombay Aloe and Coconut Body Wash, enriched with rejuvenating squalene, a natural emollient, and the essence of aloe vera. 
          Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Daily Body Wash7. Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Daily Face Wash: Cleanse Your Skin of Daily Toxins Using White Clay! Infuse daily vitality and nourishment into your skin using the Better Body Bombay Aloe and Coconut Face Wash, a natural solution for unclogging pores.
          Aloe & Coconut Hydrating Daily Face Wash8. Aloe & Coconut Lip Balm: Experience a tropical caress on your lips through the Better Body Bombay Aloe & Coconut Lip Balm. Infused with the lush fusion of aloe and coconut, this balm provides profound nourishment, ensuring your lips stay naturally hydrated for a full day.
          Aloe & Coconut Lip Balm

          Incorporate the Better Body Bombay Aloe & Coconut range for a luxurious skincare experience. Harness the power of Aloe and Coconut in products like body lotion, hand wash, shampoo, face scrub, daily moisturiser, body wash, face wash, and lip balm. Nourish and pamper your skin with nature's finest ingredients for a radiant, revitalised appearance.

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